The Luck of Roaring Camp
The Luck of Roaring Camp
, 1910
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The Luck of Roaring Camp
By the time he was a month old the necessity of giving him a name became apparent. He had generally been known as "The Kid," "Stumpy's Boy," "The Coyote" (an allusion to his vocal powers), and even by Kentuck's endearing diminutive of "The d--d little cuss." But these were felt to be vague and unsatisfactory, and were at last dismissed under another influence…"Luck" was the name agreed upon, with the prefix of Tommy for greater convenience.
— Bret Harte, "The Luck of Roaring Camp"

Painted as an illustration for Harte's story of a rough mining camp whose inhabitants are suddenly faced with the care of a baby. Taylor made use of the sketches he had made out west, particularly of Creed Camp.

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